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icfre, dehradun




       Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education (ICFRE), an apex body in the national forestry research system, has been undertaking the holistic development of forestry research through need based planning, promoting, conducting and coordinating research, education and extension covering all aspects of forestry. The Council deals with the solution based forestry research in tune with the emerging issues in the sector, including global concerns such as climate change, conservation of biological diversity, combating desertification and sustainable management and development of resources. Topical research by the Council enhances public confidence in the ability of forest managers and researchers to successfully handle challenges related to natural resource management.

Objectives of ICFRE

  • To undertake, aid, promote and coordinate forestry education, research and their applications.
  • To develop and maintain a national library and information centre for forestry and allied sciences.
  • To act as a clearing-house for research and general information related to forests and wildlife.
  • To develop forestry extension programmes and propagate the same through mass media, audio-visual aids and extension machinery.
  • To provide consultancy services in the field of forestry research, education and allied sciences.
  • To undertake other jobs considered necessary to attain these objectives.


  • Production, certification and supply of quality seeds of fuel, fodder and timber species.
  • Study in the field of Social forestry / Agroforestry.
  • Conservation and eco-restoration of ecologically fragile and disturbed areas.
  • Utilization of non-conventional woods and weeds for manufacture of forest products.
  • Developing the technology for reclamation of wastelands.
  • Planting stock improvement programme of different species.
  • Geological, geomorphological and micro-morphological studies on skeletal and sodic soils.
  • Development of technology for eco-friendly preservatives.

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