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Course Title : Water Resources Development
Duration : 5 Days
Schedule : Sep 07 - 11 , 2010



1. Occurrence of water on earth and its movement the Hydrologic Cycle, surface and ground water, importance of water resource management.

Surface Water

         Diversion and storage schemes

         Single and multipurpose projects

2. Diversion schemes

         Diversion head works components and their functions

         Distraction of water-canal systems

         Basics of canal alignment and design

         Types of canal works-fall, regulators, cross drainage works etc.

3. Storage schemes


o   Type of Dams and their suitability for different conditions

o   Basic design criteria and causes of failure


o   Types and their characteristics

o   Terminal structures energy dissipation

4. Hydropower and related structures (water conductor system and powerhouse building)

5. Special problems of hilly streams

6. Ground Water

         Occurrence and exploration

         Classification of aquifers parameters

         Pumping tests

         Preliminary well hydraulics and discharge computations

7. Decision support system in water resources preliminary concepts




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