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Andhra Pradesh SHP Stations

Station NameDistrictStateStation Owned By
10 th mile D-83 kakatiya canalKarimnagarAndhra PradeshGovernment
12th mile D-83 kaktiya canalKarimnagarAndhra PradeshGovernment
14th mile D-83 kakatiya canalKarimnagarAndhra PradeshGovernment
18th (A) New d-83 canalKarimnagarAndhra PradeshGovernment
18th Old Chandhapalli SHPKarimnagarAndhra PradeshGovernment
19th Mile d-83 Kaktiya CanalChandhapalliAndhra PradeshGovernment
19th Mile Mini Hydel StationKarimnagarAndhra PradeshGovernment
6t mile D-83 kakatiya canalKarimnagarAndhra PradeshGovernment
7th mile D-83 kaktiya canalKarimnagarAndhra PradeshGovernment
9 th mile D-83 kakatiya canalkarimnagarAndhra PradeshGovernment
Adanki BC M 10GunturAndhra PradeshPrivate
Adanki BC M 13GunturAndhra PradeshPrivate
Adanki BC M 28PrakasamAndhra PradeshPrivate
Adanki BC M 4GunturAndhra PradeshGovernment
Adanki BC M 4 - 6GunturAndhra PradeshPrivate
Adanki BC M 6GunturAndhra PradeshGovernment
Bellam Konda SHPGunturAndhra PradeshGovernment
Bellamkonda BC M 0/1GunturAndhra PradeshPrivate
Bellamkonda BC M0GunturAndhra PradeshPrivate
Bellamkonda BC M3/1 to 3/7GunturAndhra PradeshPrivate
Bellamkonda BCM-5-2-250 Sc-IIGunturAndhra PradeshGovernment
Budameru Krishna Andhra PradeshGovernment
Chetti Peta Mini Hydro Power Plantwest godavariAndhra PradeshGovernment
DCL Mini Hydel Power PlantHyderabadAndhra PradeshPrivate
Deccan Cement Limited Mini hydel power plant GunturAndhra PradeshPrivate
Dhanalakshmi Power House-1GunturAndhra PradeshCommunity
Dhanalaxmi Power House-2GunturAndhra PradeshPrivate
DonkarayiE.GodavariAndhra PradeshGovernment
GBC M- 0 milageGunturAndhra PradeshGovernment
Guntur BC M5/4-550GunturAndhra PradeshGovernment
Guntur BC Ph IIIGunturAndhra PradeshGovernment
Guntur IV Phase (KCP LIMITED) SHPGunturAndhra PradeshPrivate
JANAPADU HYDRO POWER PROJECTNagonda Andhra PradeshCommunity
Kakatiya D83 18th MileKarimnagarAndhra PradeshGovernment
Kakatiya-D83 M 14-7-500KarimnagarAndhra PradeshGovernment
Kakatiya-D83 M 16-5-550KarimnagarAndhra PradeshGovernment
Kakatiya-D83 M 18-5-550KarimnagarAndhra PradeshGovernment
Kakatiya-D83 M 19-0-566 M 19-2-230KarimnagarAndhra PradeshGovernment
Kakkatiya lower manniarKarimnagarAndhra PradeshGovernment
KanchangudaBellaryAndhra PradeshGovernment
M/S Sagar Power Ltd. BangacharlKurnoolAndhra PradeshGovernment
Manihamsa Power Project LimitedEast Godavari Andhra PradeshPrivate
Mini Hydel Power Station PalairKhammamAndhra PradeshGovernment
Mudimanikyam Mj. MHSNalgondaAndhra PradeshGovernment
Nagarjuna Agro Tech Ltd (NATL)NalgondaAndhra PradeshPrivate
NagavaliGunturAndhra PradeshGovernment
Nippula Vagu KM 10 to 14KurnoolAndhra PradeshPrivate
Nippula Vagu KM 14 to 18 Sc.I. II KurnoolAndhra PradeshPrivate
Nizam SagarHyderabadAndhra PradeshGovernment
Palair-M87KarimnagarAndhra PradeshGovernment
Pedanandi MHSGunturAndhra PradeshGovernment
Penna AhoblilmAnathapurAndhra PradeshGovernment
PMC Power Pvt Ltd SHPGunturAndhra PradeshPrivate
Pothireddipadu MHS (Andra Pradesh Kumove)KurnoolAndhra PradeshGovernment
RPP limitedGunturAndhra PradeshPrivate
Saraswathi Power Industries PVT LtdKarimnagarAndhra PradeshPrivate
Shree Jayalakshmi Power Corp Ltd (Phase I ) 2MWGunturAndhra PradeshPrivate
SingurKarimnagarAndhra PradeshGovernment
Sonamsila SHPPrakasamAndhra PradeshGovernment
Srinivasa Power LimitedNalgondaAndhra PradeshPrivate
Srisailam RC Sch.I. II.IIIKurnoolAndhra PradeshPrivate
Vemuleru MHSNalgondaAndhra PradeshGovernment
Yeleru ReservoirE.GodavariAndhra PradeshPrivate
Yeleru Reservoir - IIE.GodavariAndhra PradeshGovernment
Yeleswaram Res (Gap-II)E.GodavariAndhra PradeshGovernment