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Special Publications

  Performance Testing

  v Performance Testing of SHP Stations : A Guide for Developers, Manufacturers and Consultants, Dec 09 (pdf)

  Recent Publications in the field of Small Hydro where AHEC provided all technical inputs

v   Syllabi of Additional Courses for Leveraging Rich Potential of Water and Hydro Resources in  Uttaranchal”, Oct. 2006.

v   Niyojan, Nirman Evam Rakh-Rakhav Marg Darshika, (Para Technician Hethu), Sept, 2006

v   Micro Hydro Quality standards, Sept. 2005

v   Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual for Multipurpose Power Unit, Oct. 2005

v   Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual for Improved Water Mills, Oct 2005

v   Water Mill - Multipurpose Power Unit

v   Improved Water Mill - Installation and Maintenance Manual

v   Water Mills - Development and Upgradation, MNRE

v   Development of Water Mills under UNDP-GEF Hilly Hydro Project

v   Small Hydro Power - Private Sector Participation (1996), Second issue in 1999. Third issue in 2003 (3rd Edition Supplement), Fourth Issue in 2008 (under preparation).

v   Zonal Plan SHP Resource Assessment for MNES, UNDP/GEF.

v   Publication in Hindi and English (4 volumes) Manuals for Micro Hydro Power Development-Material Provided by ICIMOD – Reprinted in 2002 (Vol.1) (Vol.2) (Vol.3) (Vol.4)

v   Small Hydro Programme in India 1999 - for MNRE.

v   Urja Bharati-Special Issue on Small Hydro for Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources-August 1992 (Hindi & English)

v  Indian Standard : 12800 (Part.3) - 1991 - Guidelines for Selection for Hydraulic Turbine. Preliminary Dimension and Layout and Surface Hydroelectric Power House, Part-III, small, mini/micro hydel power station for Bureau of Indian Standard, New Delhi

v   Low Head Small Hydro Turbine (State of Art) for UNESCO - 1986.

v   Small/Mini Hydro Power Technology, Research and Education (State of Art) for UNESCO - 1983

Model DPRs for Remote Village Electrification

Model Tender Specifications for remote village electrification


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