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Head Of Centre: S. K. Singal

Since its inception AHEC has been trying to make its presence felt at national level in the field of small hydro development and other new and renewable energy sources (NRES) notably biomass, solar and wind. The centre has been able to generate interaction at international level also by way of exchange programmes for scientists from country like UK, Holland, The Netherlands, China and New Zealand.

Since 1982 AHEC has gained valuable experience in the design & execution of small hydro projects & biomass based gasifier. Young scientific staff has gained excellent expertise in the entire gamut of activities connected with small hydro and biomass gasification with post graduate and doctoral degrees in Civil, Electrical, Electronics, Computers, Mechanical & Chemistry. The scientific staff is well supported by an excellent team of technicians, consisting of lab technician, computer personnel, fitters, welders etc who have worked on erection & commissioning of micro hydel projects undertaken by Centre.

Area concerned
S. K. Singal 
Associate Professor&
Head of Centre

Small Hydro Power- Investigations, Planning, Designs, Economic and Financial Analysis, Cost optimisation, tariff analysis.
Integrated Renewable Energy Systems and Water Resources.


Arun Kumar 
CV (Detailed, Brief)  

Planning, Investigation and Designs of SHP, Energy Economics and Policy, Environmental Management of Water Bodies, Project Management


M. P. Sharma 

Bio-Energy, biodiesel production & utilisation, biomass gasification; biogas generation from agricultural wastes, Biomass Conversion and Environment Conservation, Bioenergy, IRES, HES, water quality, Ecological Health & carrying capacity of rivers, GHG Emission, Waste Water Treatment Plants, Cumulative Environment Impact Assessment, Water Quality Mapping of Rivers, GHG Emissions from Hydropower Reservoir & MSW Dumping sites


R.P. Saini 

Small Hydro Power- Hydro turbine design and performance testing, Silt erosion in hydro turbines, Optimal selection of SHP equipment, Cost optimization of SHP schemes.
Solar Energy- Solar thermal energy utilization - performance enhancement of solar air heaters, Solar thermal energy storage- packed bed sensible heat storage system.
Integrated Renewable Energy Sources- Modeling of renewable energy systems, Modeling of hybrid energy systems.

M.K. Singhal 
Associate Professor

Planning, Design & Analysis of Civil Works of SHP, Related Software Development


Rhythm Singh 
Assistant Professor

Renewable Energy Potential Estimation, Grid Integration and Long-term Planning; Power System Planning and Operation; Solar Photovoltaic Systems' Applications; Solar Resource Variability Assessment

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