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Associate Faculty

  • Department of Architecture and Planning
    • Prof. S.Y. Kulkarni
  • Department of Chemical Engineering
    • Prof. Surendra Kumar
  • Department of Civil Engineering
    • Prof. N.M. Bhandari
    • Prof.(Ms) Renu Bhargava
    • Prof.(Mrs) Indu Mehrotra
    • Prof. Pradeep Kumar
    • Prof. P.K. Garg
    • Dr. Z. Ahmad
    • Dr. R.D. Garg
  • Department of Earth Sciences
    • Prof. H. Sinvhal
    • Prof. A.K. Saraf
    • Prof. R. Anbalagan
  • Department of Electrical Engineering
    • Prof. H.K. Verma
    • Prof. J.D. Sharma
    • Prof. Vinod Kumar
    • Prof. R.P. Maheshwari
  • Department of Earthquake Engineering
    • Dr. Amita Sinvhal
    • Dr. Ashwani Kumar
  • Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
    • Prof. D.K. Nauriyal
  • Department of Hydrology
    • Prof. D.K. Srivastava
    • Prof. N.K. Goel
  • Department of Management Studies
    • Prof. V.K. Nangia
    • Dr. S.N. Ragnekar
    • Dr. Rajat Agarwal
  • Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
    • Prof. B.K. Gandhi
    • Prof. S.C. Sharma
    • Prof. Pradeep Kumar
    • Dr. S.P. Harsha
    • Dr. Indra Vir Singh
  • Department of Water Resources Development and Management
    • Prof. U.C. Chaube
    • Prof. Deepak Khare
    • Prof. S.K. Jain


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