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Books / Publications (Year 2009-10)

Special Publication

Arun Kumar, "Renewable energy for Industrial application - A case study of India", A chapter on small hydro, UNIDO, Vienna May 2009.
Arun Kumar (ed.), "Special Report on Renewable Energy", First order Draft., as Coordinating lead author preparing the chapter on Hydropower and contributing to various areas for Intergovernmental Panel For Climate Change (IPCC), Geneva with 121 experts on global platform from 90 countries being peered reviewed by 180 member countries Dec 2009.
HK Verma & Arun Kumar, "Performance Testing of SHP Stations: A Guide for Developers, Manufacturers and Consultants", Dec 2009.
Compendium Of The Expertise And Facilities Of Member Organisations; "Water For Welfare-An Uttarakhand Initiative", Virtual Centre Of Excellence In The Form of "Federation Of Existing Institution For Leveraging Hydro/ Power/ Water Resources In Uttarakhand", April 2009.

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