Conference Brochure (2nd announcement)
Practical Information for travel and accomodation to Roorkee
  Towards an Efficient use of Hydraulic Resources
  The aim of the conference is to contribute towards improvement of the measuring techniques and evaluating the performance of hydroelectric machines and systems to enhance the viability of hydropower development.

It encompasses pressure, flow, power and efficiency measurements necessary to determine the performance of hydroelectric machines at site or define the hydraulic conditions in order to install or upgrade the hydropower plants.


The Conference deals with all methods related to investigation, evaluation, optimization and proving the effectiveness of actions in hydropower plants.


The conference is being held under the auspices of the International Group for Hydraulic Efficiency Measurement (IGHEM)

  Efficient use of Water Resources for Hydropower Leads to:

Improvement of unit and system efficiency


Improvement of unit and system management


Improvement of refurbishment planning of units and system maintenance


IGHEM also gives technical support to standardization groups

(e.g. IEC, ISO, and CENELEC)


    Last updated on : Mar 25, 2010