International Conferenceon Hydropowerfor Sustainable Development

Feb 05-07, 2015
Dehradun, India

India - The Host Country

      India is endowed with towering mountain ranges, rolling hills, lofty plateaus and extensive plains, which have played their role in shaping its cultural, economic and political history. The most outstanding characteristics of India, and probably one of its greatest charms, is undeniably, its diversity. India is a country with a sense of individuality and rich heritage ; its civilization is unique in vitality and antiquity. It offers the visitor something special everywhere, and in everything. It is a land of treasures, temples, palaces, forts and magnificent scenery. Those seeking footprints of history will find that India has been a vast arena, where races and cultures have battled and blended, and creating sublime achievements in art, religion and philosophy.




          Tajmahal, Agra, Uttar Pradesh                   Golden Temple, Amritsar, Punjab