International Conferenceon Hydropowerfor Sustainable Development

Feb 05-07, 2015
Dehradun, India

      The full text of the paper be prepared in MS Word with inbuilt figures, charts, drawings etc. on Standard A4 (210 mm x 297 mm) size.

      The text of the paper in English must conform strictly to the following requirements and be free from errors. Only original contributions that have not been published or presented at any other forum are acceptable, and the paper shall be accompanied by the certificate to this effect.

      The guidelines for preparation of manuscript are as follows:


Date of Submission of full length paper is extended upto January 15, 2015.


      The author(s) certify that the paper titled “_____________________” and submitted for consideration for International Conference on Hydropower for Sustainable Development during Feb 05 – 07, 2015 at Dehradun India, is in original and has not been published or presented at any other forum.

                         Signature of Author(s)